About Us

Veterans Memorial Park of Archuleta County is comprised of a Board of Directors of nine members: Dick Fortier (President Emeritus), Jim Stone, Roy Vega, Raymond Taylor, James Huffman, James Van Liere, Val Valentine, Trista Nauman, and our newest member Karin Daniels. The board was formed in 2013 as a 501 (c) (19) tax exempt organization for the sole purpose of building a veterans memorial park (see Mission Statement below). Donations in any denomination are appreciated and tax deductible.

The Board of Directors chain of command and contact information is as follows:

In October, 2014, the Pagosa Lakes Property Owners Association deeded 6.9 acres to Archuleta County who in turn gave it to the Veterans Memorial Park Board to be developed as a Memorial Park and public recreation site. Presently, the Board is developing design concepts and exploring and pursuing fundraising options.

In moving forward with the many aspects of the project such as concept, design, infrastructure, fund raising and construction, the Board has set up an advisory committee to provide expertise, specifically address issues, and develop plans of execution for bringing the project to fruition. Seats on these committees are open and available to any member of good standing.

Membership is open to all; local community involvement is necessary and solicited for membership growth and activity to increase fundraising efforts.

While some of the members of the Board of Directors of the Veterans Memorial Park of Archuleta County are also members of other Veterans organizations, the Veterans Memorial Park of Archuleta County, and its Board of Directors, is dedicated solely to building a Veterans Memorial Park in Archuleta County and is not affiliated with
any other veterans organization.

Some information can be found on our Facebook Page. Any questions regarding the activities and events of the Veterans Memorial Park of Archuleta County should be addressed to Dick Fortier (970) 335-8254 or Val Valentine (970) 264-2685.

Our Mission Statement:

To develop and maintain a Memorial Park in honor of all past, present and future Veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States of America; to be a place for Veterans, their families and the public to remember, reflect and contemplate the sacrifices of these individuals; and to serve as an educational venue.”